About Me

     “Hi” and welcome to my website!  My name is Pamela Preczewski and I am an entrepreneur/business person living in Michigan.

     I am multi-faceted in that I am a graduate from both the University of Michigan and Walsh College.   My degrees are in Accounting and Taxation.

     My professional “work” background has been in large international and local accounting firms as well as private industry.  Overall, I prefer neither but enjoy it all.

     Yes, you are gonna find out somewhere down the road, I am a Professional Ballroom Dancer and have been a Co-Owner of a Studio in Dearborn for almost 20 years.  Please do not let that distract you; I am a colorful person!

My love and regular practice of yoga balances what seems to be polar opposite professions.

     My interest through blogging is passing on information.   I hope to provide the reader with ideas, thoughts and the desire to pass on the task of preparing records and filing tax reports to a professional like me.  Let someone who has the experience, knowledge and desire do your accounting and tax work.

     This is not intended to be a ‘resume’ but a brief overview about me.  I am your aspiring accountant, ‘Life By Numbers‘ guru.  In my blogs, I will simply offer thoughts. My goal is for you to let me do the busy and often tedious work. My resume will be made available to you anytime.  Just ask!

     Free up time to do what you do best or for something you enjoy.  Maybe you would like to pursue and grow in your own business, profession; perhaps living an active more fulfilling life outside of your work life is a goal or maybe you would like to travel.

     Stop toiling over things you just don’t need to be doing.  Let me educate you and give you direction to keep you current and streamlined in your accounting records and tax filings.  I will even offer service with other financial related matters such as investing for today, tomorrow and for the future.

     No one is too small or big to need the service I can provide. Contact me by email at acctgprosmichigan@gmail.com or call me directly at 734-315-7030.   I look forward to assisting you in making time for what is important to you and encouraging ‘You’ to live your best life!!